As of April 23, 2010, this gallery project consists of:

~2,500lines of code
476,000+database records (~28.2MB)
24,000+JPG images, stored in unaltered original form
24,000+thumbnailed JPG images
47,408,028,000bytes of image data (44.15 Gbytes)
423,000relationships have been established between the images
458,000+individual HTML files (2.36 GB)
?Many hundreds of hours of conceptualizing
?Several hundreds of hours of development

All images (except thumbnails) are resized from originals on-demand and fed directly to your browser as a binary object.

All images are stored on a RAID 1 (mirrored) storage array locally and are automatically backed up to a remote hosting provider using rsync. Happiness is never having to say "I lost my photos."

All editing is done in vi (specifically, vim). All programming in Perl. The database is MySQL. Development and Production platforms are LAMP (Fedora Linux (FC6), Apache, MySQL, Perl.)